Adult Sunday School Classes


Meets in the Conference Room
The Adult 1 class is made up of young adults with children.  They study the Bible and issues related
to family and children.  Gus Thompson is the teacher of the class.  Adults are welcome to join us.


Meets in the Church Library
FROGS (Fully Rely On God Sisters)
Fun loving, spirit minded, family of sisters.  We do a variety of studies.
We always have room for another sister – hop on over to our lily pad!

John Wesley Class

Meets in the John Wesley Classroom
The John Wesley class is one of the largest classes.  Members are adult men and women
and are very welcoming.  We do Bible study using the Cokesbury Adult Bible Studies.
We enjoy fellowship in Sunday School and many social activities throughout the year.


Meets in the Seekers Classroom
This Class is made up of adults 50 years and older.  We follow the adult Bible study materials.
We focus study on the scriptures.  We have 3-4 teachers who rotate teaching.
We always welcome visitors and new members!

W.W. Oglesby

Meets in the Oglesby Classroom
This is a class of older adults or seniors.  We presently have 12 members.
It is a very friendly class.  We study the International Series lessons.
Ray Causey is the excellent teacher.  We have open discussions during class.
We would welcome new members.