As a visitor, you can expect:

  • We will say hello and greet you, but we will not single you out, make you stand up or hound you.
  • We will invite you to share communion with us and we will never turn you away.
  • We will sing and read prayers together, but we do not care if you lip-sync or you are off-key, or if you stay silent.  Participate as you feel comfortable.
  • We will invite children up front for a Children’s Moment, but there is no expectation for your children to come forward.  If your babies or children become restless during worship, we are okay with that, too.
  • We will pass around an offering plate during worship, but we do not expect visitors to make a contribution.  You are our guest.
  • We will not mind if you are in slacks or a dress or wearing jeans or shorts.  Just as long as you are comfortable, we will be too.
  • When worship is finished, we’d love for you to meet the pastor on your way out, but it is okay if you would rather not.

Worship: Our weekly services:

11:00 am

Our morning traditional service includes music led be the Chancel Choir, dynamic and engaging preaching, congregational singing and meaningful prayer.  Sometimes a special guest singer shares their talents with us.  We celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month.  This service is about an hour long and usually 125-180 in attendance.

Music in Worship









Rincon UMC is proud of its outstanding music program.  Our Chancel Choir continues to uplift our services with sacred music and music written by our Worship Director.  We give a special Christmas Cantata each year filled with wonderful seasonal music and great narration.

We have a Handbell Choir that performs throughout the year during services and on special occasions.

We also have a men’s ensemble, The Journeymen of Praise, who sing at various times through out the year and at other churches and events.