Rincon United Methodist is privileged to share the celebrations and milestones of life with you.  If you are looking to be married, baptized or are mourning the death of a loved one, we are here to help.


In the United Methodist Church, adults, children and infants are invited to be baptized.   Babies are baptized as a sign of God’s acceptance of them even before they are of the age to make decisions.  During infant & children baptism, parents commit to live worthy spiritual lives before their children and agree to bring them up within the community of faith.

If you would like more information about baptism at Rincon UMC, contact Brother Michael at 912.826.5796 or e-mail at pastor@rinconumc.com.

If you would like more information about the Methodist view of baptism, please click on the link to “A United Methodist Understanding of Baptism.”


The United Methodist Church affirms the sanctity of the marriage covenant that is expressed in love, mutual support, personal commitment, and shared fidelity between a man and a woman. As part of the United Methodist Church, we believe that God’s blessing rests upon such marriage, whether or not there are children of the union. We reject social norms that assume different standards for women than for men in marriage. We support laws in civil society that define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Rincon UMC welcomes the opportunity to get to know you as you prepare for your marriage.  We work with couples who are members of the church and those who are not members.  Our sanctuary seats @ 350 people.

Wedding Fees for Use of our Facilities:

Non-Member Fees:  Sanctuary $200, Cleaning Fee $100, Host(ess) Fee $75*; totaling $375.
Optional Fees include: Fellowship Hall & Kitchen $100, Cowart’s Retreat $25, Pastor $250.
A deposit of $175 is due to make the reservation.  Balance due 2 weeks prior to the wedding.

Member Fees: Cleaning Fee $100, Host(ess) Fee $75*; totaling $175. 
A deposit of $75 is due to make the reservation. Balance due 2 weeks prior to the wedding.

Honorarium (These people must be contacted independently-contact the church for their contact information): Pianist (Rehearsal & Wedding) $200, Sound Technician (Rehearsal & Wedding) $100.

To reserve your wedding date:

1. Contact D’Ve Wilkins, RUMC Office Administrator, to check the date availability at 912.826.5796.

2. Print out, read, then complete our wedding reservation form. (Coming Soon)

3. Submit the form by dropping your deposit (payable to RUMC) and the form by the church office or mail both to 107 Savannah Avenue, Rincon, GA 31326.

For more information about wedding services, contact Pastor Michael Finn (912.826.5796).

Funerals & Memorial Services

In times of grief and loss we come together to support one another as a family.  We share stories of a life lived and offer comfort for those who are grieving.  Funeral and Memorial services at RUMC reflect the values and beliefs of the church, family and individual.  Our pastor and staff work with family members and friends to create a service of words and music and memory.  Celebrating the life of a lost loved one is important to family and friend.  For more information about funerals and memorial services, please contact Pastor Michael Finn (912.826.5796).